What If (new version) Promo - 1-Track CDS - SWE v2

Updated: 19th of Sep 2013

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LM097 Front LM097 CD LM097 Back

Manufactured in:Sweden
Mediatype:CD single in cardboard sleeve
Availability:6: Super rare
Catalogue number:-
Issue:Promotional Issue
LBR SID code:-
Mould SID code:-
Label:Stockholm Records
Producer:Malcom Pardon & Fredrik Rinman
Mix:DeadMono & Lisa
Executive producer:-
CD Master:Björn Engelmann
Studio:Monoton Studios
Sleeve:Lars Sundh & Ida Höglund
Photo:Irmelie Krekin


1: What If (New Version) : 3:34

Other Info:

The 2nd single from Lisas debute album. This is another strange one. It's the cardboard and

artwork from the original 1st release of the 2-track single but with the text "Ny text" (new text)

written on the cardboard. Inside you find a Stockholm Records CD-R with the handwritten label

"What If". This is a Promo for the "new version" of the song that was sent out in a hurry

to radiostations after 9/11. I guess the record company re-used some cd cases when they had to

change the lyrics and wanted to send out the new version fast... and I also guess that they made

a large bonfire with the old CDs that was in these slimcases from the beginning. The words

"the plane" is changed to "my life" in the new lyrics. This is "v2" since I already had a copy

of this CD but in a re-used original slimcase