What If (new version) Promo - 1-Track CDS - SWE v1

Updated: 19th of Sep 2013

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LM096 Front LM096 CD LM096 Back

Manufactured in:Sweden
Mediatype:CD single in slimcase
Availability:6: Super rare
Catalogue number:-
Issue:Promotional Issue
LBR SID code:-
Mould SID code:-
Label:Stockholm Records
Producer:Malcom Pardon & Fredrik Rinman
Mix:DeadMono & Lisa
Executive producer:-
CD Master:Björn Engelmann
Studio:Monoton Studios
Sleeve:Lars Sundh & Ida Höglund
Photo:Irmelie Krekin


1: What If (New Version) : 3:34

Other Info:

The 2nd single from Lisas debute album. This is a strange one. It's the slimcase and artwork from

the original 1st release of the 3-track single but with the text "Ny text" (new text) written on the slimcase.

Inside you find a Stockholm Records CD-R with the handwritten label "What If". This is a Promo for the

"new version" of the song that was sent out in a hurry to radiostations after 9/11. I guess the record

company re-used some cd cases when they had to change the lyrics and wanted to send out the new version fast...

And I also guess that they made a large bonfire with the old CDs that was in these slimcases from the beginning.

The words "the plane" is changed to "my life" in the new lyrics.

I added "v1" to this one, since I later found a copy of the same CD but in a cardboard case instead.